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9 steps to make the battery last longer

9 steps to make the battery last longer

We use a lot Android smartphones so battery is going down fast. Most users need to charge their battery one time a day (especially at night). I can  last longer because I follow these rules.

These tips can be applied to all Android smartphones and can get you more power.

You can gain 100% more power according to the use of your phone.


1. Get the latest update: In most Android updates the battery consumption is much better. So get the updates to make your battery last longer. Only on iPhone and iPad batteries last less with the new updates, on Android the battery management is much smarter every time and we can see great improvement between Android editions.

2. Close the automatic sync: Automatic sync is the worst thing for your battery. So you have to turn them off or update in less frequent times. For example weather widget is getting online and gets info about the weather, the same happens in your calendar, apps and gmail and of course Facebook, Twitter etc. If you don’t want all these apps draining your battery, turn them off.

3. Disable location services: If you have location services turned on your phone checks your position every time you move. If you don’t have apps that need this feature, you should turn location services off. It’s very easy, go to Settings, Location Services and turn off GPS and Google’s location service. You can turn them on when using a GPS application.

4. Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data off: If Wi-fi is enabled your phone gets connected draining your battery. Turn them off. If data is enabled with no Wi-Fi, this is worse for your battery. If you use no bluetooth device, turn the bluetooth of your device off as these features are useless. Most phones have shortcuts to turn the Wi-fi, data and bluetooth off fastly enough.

5. Turn off 3G-LTE: Another option to save ultra battery is to make your phone available only to 2G networks. If today you will use your phone only for calls and SMS, close the 3G-LTE option to save the battery. You can change this option if you will use your phone for data connection. If you never use your data connection you can stick to 2G, you will see better battery. In the video you can see how to do that.

6. Manage your screen: The screen of the phone is the number one factor of batteries going dead. Android has a lot of options to better control your phone. First of all you should adapt brightness to lighting conditions so as to let the phone control your brightness. So you see better in the dark and in extra high light conditions. This is an automatic procedure that saves your battery. Moreover you should make your phone sleep quicker. Put sleep to 30 seconds is the right time so as to have your screen on and save your battery.

7. Don’t use apps that keep the screen on: Some games and GPS apps keep the screen on all the time you are playing. Of course I don’t tell you not to play games on your phone but you should know that playing games for 30 minutes on your phone will eat your battery as the screen will remain on and the processor will play full throttle. So be aware of what apps your using.

8. Take control of your battery: All Android phones have a battery usage windows. There you can see the time your phone is on battery and the apps that are bad for your phone. Now you know what drains your battery. If you use no apps, you can see the screen being responsible for your low battery. Just take a look at the usage and control your phone accordingly following the tips above.

9. Close all inactive apps running on the background: All Android smartphones with the last Android version have a multitasking app where you can see all the apps running and delete the ones you are not using. If your phone has not that app, you can get one from Google Play or just turn your phone off twice a day to let the memory clean off.

Make battery last longer on Sony Xperia Z

Some phones as Sony Xperia Z and other premium Android smartphones have more advanced battery choices.

Sony Xperia Z has an advanced Power Management app.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Android device used: Sony Xperia Z
Android version: Android 4.1


1. Go to Settings – Power Management

2. You can see the estimated time left for your phone.

3. You can activate more options to save more battery

4. Turn Stamina Mode on as it disables mobile data when the phone is not used

5. Turn Lower Battery Mode on. It is useful when your battery is low so as not to be left without phone. Better a phone without a lot of functions than no phone at all.

6. Turn off location based Wi-Fi. If you don’t want your phone to be always online (so you don’t use data), turn this option off. If you use your data always on and you want your phone to stay always connected, then turn this option on so as to let your phone choose the Wi-Fi over data (it’s more battery efficient).

7. Turn on Status Bar information so as to see the percentage of your battery left on the notification bar. This helps you be sure how much battery you have left.

8. Follow the rules mentioned below to make your battery last longer.

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