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Google Translate app for Android has now offline mode

Google Translate app for Android has now offline mode

Google Translate is the most easy and fast way to translate a word, a document or a page on the net. Even if the results are not 100% accurate, this app helps a lot understand what is going on on a web page in Russian or Chinese.

Google Translate for Android smartphones is really useful when travelling abroad, you can translate a word or a phrase and communicate with people around you, especially French people that don’t speak English.

So the Google announcement that Google Translate app now has an offline mode make us happy as roaming data is quite expensive.

The Google Translate app for Android is available as a free download in the Google Play store.

With this update you don’t need a special Dictionary app any more, you will have your language of interest stored in your phone.

The new option is called Offline Languages and lets mobile users download translation packages of 50 languages. Between these languages you can find Chinese, Arabic, Greek French, and Spanish.

It’s really a revolutionary update that makes Google Translate app a useful tool when travelling.

The offline mode is not as rich as the online application but it’s rich enough to make you out of trouble when travelling in countries that only know how to say “hello” in English.

You can download the languages you are interested in while at home on your Wi-Fi network and the,n when travelling, you have a full useful dictionary in your smartphone.

Each language package is about 150MB, depending on the language of course, so don’t download the packages from your data plan.

When downloaded, the language is available offline and you can make fast translations real time.

English language is installed by default and cannot be removed.

The translation is really fast as the app translates instantly the given word.


  1. Herschel Berling  /  May 12, 2013, 9:49 pm

    Web based translation have come a long way since the time they first appeared. At the very beginning, they would just translate text word by word, not regard any other aspects, this result in the translated text practically useless. Much of that has been changed with the emergence of the Google translation. It can now hand in pretty good translations of websites. But the web based translations still have some limitations. How should we decide whether we shall do the translation on the web or get a human translator involved? *;

    Kind regards

    • Simon Koss  /  May 13, 2013, 3:28 am

      you are right! If you need a professional translation, you need to go to an expert. If you just want to understand what a site in Greek or Chinese is about, you can just translate it with Google Translate. And with this app you can understand a lot of stuff if you travel abroad, for example if the meal you are being served in Croatia is beef or chicken etc. It’s helpful but it’s not perfect.

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