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Get to Facebook for free with 0.Facebook.com

Get to Facebook for free with 0.Facebook.com

0.facebook.com is a free way to access Facebook from your mobile without paying.

When you are not on a Wi-Fi network and you do not have money to spend on data programs, you can access Facebook from the 0.facebook.com address.

There are two ways to enter Facebook for free, using your browser or using a specific app.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Android device used: Google Nexus 4
Android version: Android 4.2
App Used: 0.facebook (free)


Free Facebook using your browser

1. Open your data connection

2. Open your browser

3. Type 0.facebook.com

4. Enter username and password

Free Facebook using an app

1. Search on Google Play and download 0.facebook

2. Open the app, fill your username and password

What you need to know about free Facebook

– The 0.facebook.com is launched in partnership with more than 50 mobile operators around the world. If your network operator is not supported, you have no access to 0.facebook.com

– There are no photos or videos on 0.facebook.com

– If you click on a link and you are being transferred to an external site, then charges apply

– 0.facebook is ideal for phones with low processors

– You can still access Facebook from standard mobile site m.facebook.com or mobile site for touch screen mobile devices, touch.facebook.com, under their operator’s standard data charges.

– To access 0.facebook you need to add the right apns to your phone and have a data plan that allows you to connect to the internet

– If you enable data plan so as to access 0.facebook, be sure there are not other apps running on the background that access the net. You can disable background data (how to disable background data)

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