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The best free app to Sketch & Draw on your device

The best free app to Sketch & Draw on your device

Need some inspiration? Bored and need to do something beautiful with your Android device? This app is what you were looking for. InspirARTion is the perfect app to sketch and draw. This app is new and it was created by intelloware. With this app you can create beautiful artistic graphic art. And the best part is that InspirARTion is free.


Start by downloading the free app from Google Play. Search for InspirARTion – Sketch & Draw!, install and open the app. There are not a lot of options, just a tool to start creating impressive stuff. There are 9 different brushes to select and some interesting effects to create symmetrical designs. When the artwork is over you can share it with your friends and save it to your device.


You can start by creating your own sketch or select an image and sketch on top of that image. This combination is very creative.

Open the app and tap on the left top icon with the image. You can see 5 selections: Gallery (you check the gallery with your creations), New (to create a new sketch), Save (to save the current one), Save & Copy (to save and copy) and Share (to share the sketch with your friends on Facebook or by email).

If you press the two icons on the upper right side of the app, you can import an image to your sketch or use the symmetrical tool. It’s a great tool. You can use the vertical or the horizontal one but the best tool is the octagonal one. Once you select one of them, you can draw something in one corner and it will be automatically formed in the symmetrical opposite side of it. It’s a great tool to use and it gives you great opportunities to make something special.

On the bottom of the app you can find the color selection, the brush selection (9 different brushes, the move option and the delete tool). There is also an undo and step forward button to correct any mistakes. There is a huge variety of colors and you can select the color from a photo to be sure that it is exactly the same color as in the photo.

The best thing you can do is to open a photo and start drawing on top of it. You can sketch beautiful things but you need to be patient.

This app is even better with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the pen. With this device you can sketch with impressive control. Of course we used the app on other devices using our fingers and the results were great. This app will inspire you to make even more stuff. It is free so download the app and start creating unique sketches.


➡ The photo templates help you sketch like a pro as you have a template to drive your sketch

➡ The symmetry effects are great, you create beautiful art works without the need to repeat the drawing multiple times. Try the octagonal tool, it is great.

➡ The brushes are pale and make the work easier. You also have 9 different brushes to make even more creative art work. This is great for professionals and also amateur users.

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