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Facebook will introduce a special Android phone

Facebook will introduce a special Android phone

A Facebook smartphone is something we talk a long time now, Facebook made some attempts in the past without success and now the company is coming back with a new Android based phone.

More about the Facebook phone on April the 4th!

Facebook knows that being on the smartphone world is crucial for its existence, especially when aiming the younger people who are moving to other social networks.

So Facebook will introduce a special version of Google’s Android software in the next few weeks.

The smartphone will be made by HTC, a company that created older Facebook phones back in 2011.

For now we only know that Facebook sent some invitations to journalists for April 4th.

On that day the social network will introduce the new smartphone with some Facebook features.

Will this phone be useful when not connected on the net? Of course! It’s Android!

The Android version used by the phone makes Facebook’s software more prominent.

That means that when the device is turned on, it will immediately display a Facebook user’s home screen with all the updates.

Also the Facebook’s camera and messaging apps will be the default apps for the core functions of the phone. That means that when you take a photo it will be uploaded to your account and on the gallery app you will see by default all your Facebook photos.

This is a marriage between Facebook and Android but Facebook is not the first company that makes a custom Android operating system.

Samsung, HTC, LG and all other companies have their custom Android versions on their phones so Facebook phone is not a surprise for us. HTC has HTC Sense, Samsung has TouchWiz and Facebook will have its own Android based OS.

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