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Edit your weather widget

Edit your weather widget

Anna asks how to edit the weather widget

Every HTC Android phone has a large or a smaller weather widget that takes weather data from AccuWeather and brings them to the first page of the phone.

You can edit the city displayed or let the phone choose a city from your position from the GPS data (requires data and GPS always on).

If you see the GPS sign next to the name of the city, this is because this city was chosen from the GPS, not manually. As a result you can’t delete the city.

Difficulty: Easy
Android device used: HTC One X
Android version: Android 4.0


Add manually cities

1. Press your weather widget

2. Press the 3 dots (up right) and choose Settings

3. Choose Weather Settings

4. Press Set Location

5. Write your city or your country, then press ok (the Wi-Fi or data must be enabled)

6. Go back to your first screen. Your city’s weather is now shown on the screen.

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