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Download Facebook photos (two ways to do it)

Download Facebook photos (two ways to do it)

The Android Facebook app has a little bug compared to the iOS one, it will not let you download the photos of your friends.

When you browse your timeline you can see the photos of friends and fan pages but there is not an easy way to download them.

In iOS devices, you simply long press the photo on the screen and you can download it to your device.

On Android devices, this feature doesn’t work so we need another solution. Here we have two.

Browser solution

The mobile version of Facebook will allow you to download the photos you see on the page.

1. Open a browser like Chrome and visit facebook.com. You are being redirected to m.facebook.com and that’s ok.

2. Find the photo you want to download and press on it.

3. You are being transferred to the photo page.

4. Just go after the photo and find the small link called View Full Size and press it.

5. The photo will now open on a new frame.

6. Long press the photo to make the menu pop up.

7. Click on Save Image and your image is saved on your device.

Screenshot solution

1. Open the Facebook app and find the photo you want to download.

2. Take a screenshot

3. Go to the photo from your photo album and select the photo

4. Press Settings and then Crop

5. Crop the image and save it.

You can see the two solutions on the video below where we save on our phones the photo of a beautiful lady.

Now that you downloaded these photos, you may need to hide these pictures them from your device.

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