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Disable auto backup on Google Plus (when our photos go to Google Plus automatically)

Google Plus auto backup

Marilena asked for Android help when she saw all her photos from here Android device going on Google Plus account.

Google started syncing her online services with Android devices and this is unpleasant. We already show you how to remove the Picasa albums from your Android device, now we have to stop our photos from going online on our Google Plus profile.

On the autobackup mode your photos will not appear online, they will be stored to your private album. It’s the same as saving them on Dropbox.

But I advise you not to publish your private photos online, on a site like Google Plus or Facebook because these photos could go online by fault or by change on the terms of use. So what is private should remain private away from internet sites.

Steps to disable Google Plus auto backup

1. Open Google Plus app on your Android device

2. Press the 3 dots on top to go into the settings of the app

3. Select Settings

4. Camera and photos

5. Disable (turn off) auto backup.

Now your photos will not sync with your Google Plus account.

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