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Make your device a baby crying detector

Make your device a baby crying detector

Android smartphones become smarter and smarter. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a new app that will help you understand when the baby is crying.

If you are very tired and you sleep, there is a possibility not to hear your baby crying. With this app, your phone will vibrate and flash.

You can use the app if you listen to music with your headphones or when you can see the phone but not the baby.

Set the device to detect a baby crying and Samsung Galaxy S5 alerts you by vibrating.


On the Apps screen, tap Settings and go to Accessibility then Hearing and select Baby crying detector.

Then drag the Baby crying detector switch to the right.

Tap Play to activate the sound detection feature. Now when the device detects sounds, it vibrates.

To set the flash blinks for detecting sound, you need to select Settings, and then tick Flash notification.

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