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Cut the Rope game tips to have even more fun

Cut The Rope Game

Cut the Rope (Google Play) is one of the most addictive Android games along with Angry Birds or Candy Crash Saga.

In the first 6 levels things are easy and you easily take the three stars and go to the next level.

Your target is to cut the rope of the candy to make it go to the frog’s mouth. Before going to the mouth of the frog, it has to pass through the stars to collect them and give you extra points.

When you collect stars you earn points and more points you get more levels are getting unlocked.

As you move on through levels it’s becoming difficult to collect threes stars but that’s why they call it a strategy game.

Here some tips to help you have more fun:

1. You need to collect 50 stars to unlock the second Fabric Box and then 110 stars to get the Foil Box, 180 stars to get the Magic Box, 250 stars for the Valentine box and then you move to the next Season. You can start the Season 2 before ending the Season 1.

2. Use your finger to cut across the string. It’s crucial where and when you cut the rope.

3. If you find a level too difficult, cut the rope just to feed the frog and then come back to repeat the level and get as many stars as possible.

4. There is no penalty if you lose, you never lose. If you want, you can replay the level to win 3 stars and then replay for better score.

5. If you made a wrong move, press replay to restart the level. If the rope is cut you cannot undone that so replay the level.

Actions, objects and tips for 3 stars

Bubbles: Candies that move into bubbles will float upward. Then you tap on the bubbles to make them fall but the rope is not cut.

Stretched Ropes: All stretched ropes are red in color.

Blue dotted Circles: When a rope with candy hits the blue dotted circle it will turn into a rope which will hold your candy.

Blue Dotted Circles with Slider Buttons: These have slider bars that will move the dotted blue circles to another location. Many times it is best to move these before you do anything else in a level. You will see some levels with one slider and some with several in a screen.

Spikes: Candy should never touch spikes. Some spikes are stationary in horizontal and vertical positions and some move up and down. So time out your moves and always remeber to avoid them.

Cutting Ropes: Try to cut several ropes at the same time by slicing your finger across several at once. It’s like Fruit Ninja!

Multi Touch: You can use finger from your both hands to cut through ropes on opposite sides at the same time. It’s tricky with smartphones so put your phone on a table and try again. This will help you!

Spiders: Once a spider has a hold of the rope along with your candy he will race to it. So cut the Rope to get the candy away from a spider. If the spider gets there first you will lose the candy.

Speed: Sometimes the only way to solve a puzzle is to move very fast slicing one rope then another before it swings in another direction. Always remember that the candy must end to the frog’s mouth.

Air cushions: Once you reach box number 2 the Fabric Box you will be introduced to Air Cushions. Tap on these in fast succession to blow the candy in the direction you want it to go to hopefully hit a star or two.

Electric Sparks: Once you reach the Foil level you will eventually see electric sparks. Be sure to not let the candy or rope touch the electric sparks. Sometimes the sparks turn on and off so you have to time out your moves to avoid them.

Rotate the Wheel: Once you reach the Gift Box level you will be able to use your finger to spin a wheel that will raise and lower the rope for you. Move your finger tip in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion over the wheel to turn it.

Timed Star Levels: Some levels are timed star levels so be fast. If not the stars will disappear.

Start playing Cut the Rope, if you have problems with a level, leave a comment and we will help!

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