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Customize your Android homescreen panels

customize home screen Android

Karen asked Android VIP Club how to customize the homescreen of her new phone.

“I just got my phone yesterday. So I need to know how to customize and add apps that are needed on my phone. Thank you Karen”

Android VIP Club will help you customize your homescreen on every Android phone you just bought.

It’s very easy to add some apps, some widgets and some shortcuts on your home screens.

Every phone has some panels on the home screen and you can add your apps and widgets in there.

It’s really easy to add the apps but that depends on the model of the phone and the Android version.

Add apps, widgets, shortcuts to your homescreen

1. Long press on an empty space of the screen to make the customization menu appear

2. Select the panel you want the app to go on the upper side of the screen

3. Select the app or widget or shortcut you want to add on that panel.

After putting the apps on the panel you can then create some folders that contain a lot of apps.

How to create folders on your home screen

1. Long press the app you want to add to a folder

2. Move the app on top of another app with which you want to create a folder

3. The folder will be automatically be created. You can rename the folder if you tap on the name of the folder.

On your homescreen:

– You can add widgets like the clock, a calculator, a calendar or some custom widgets you can find in Google Play.

– You can add applications to have access to with just one tap. You can add all applications installed on your phone or the apps you will install from Google Play.

– You can add shortcuts of a Dropbox folder, a Gmail label, a contact person or a phone number so you can call it immediately from your home screen without opening the phone app.

Remove an app from your home screen

1. Long press the app to take control of it.

2. Move the app to the right or left corner of the phone where there is a recycle bin.

The app is removed from your home screen but remains on the phone. To delete it for ever you need to uninstall the app.

Take a look at the video, it will show you all the above steps on a brand new HTC One.

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