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Create guest mode profile or kids only profile

Create guest mode profile or kids only profile

If you have a tablet or a phone hanging around at home, you need an app to hide all your sensitive or personal information.

You can also use the same app to protect your kid and let only some apps available to it.

Guest Mode and Guest Access turns any Android device (phone or tablet) into a kids phone phone with full parental control and real time GPS tracking.

You can keep track of your phone, see the photos your kid takes and be sure that the kid is not using the phone the way you don’t want to.

Guest Mode is great for Android as you can give your phone to visitors, clients or other people around your home or office and be sure that they do not access your photos.

And the best? This app is free πŸ™‚

How it works

Guest Mode creates a new home screen from which users (children, friends, visitors, clients etc) cannot exit and allows owners to choose who their guests can call and which games they can play and which apps they can access.

You can also block calls from unauthorized numbers, choose who guests can text and set how long guests can play games

Moreover with GPS tracking, you can always locate their phone from any phone, tablet or computer. You can also manage and monitor guest Mode + guest access from any device using your account.

Download link: Guest Access + Guest Mode (free)

But be aware, if the device is stolen and restored to it’s factory settings using the buttons, then it will be lost forever.

This app is compatible with all tablets and phones including the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.

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