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Create funny Jelly Band music with this free app (for kids too)

Create funny Jelly Band music with this free app (for kids too)

Jelly Band is a free music app that lets you create your own interactive orchestra combining different melodies.

You can download the app from Google Play (official link) and install it on your Android device.

Then you open the app and you must select one of the two stages.

In each stage the music and the melodies are different so try the first one and then the other.

On the back of the screen you can see the Jellys standing with their musical instrument.

On the front of the screen is the stage. You must pick up each one and put it on stage.

When the Jelly comes on the stage, it starts playing a melody with the instrument it holds.

If you put the Jelly in the front row, its instrument is heard louder than the Jelly put on the back row.

You can replace a Jelly you put on a place with another Jelly or put the Jellys off stage to make them stop playing.

There is no place for all Jellys so you must select only the ones you like most.

You can play music for hours, there is no limitation on that. You can also record a song.

Drop down the home button (right up) and click the first icon with the red dot. Start playing the song, you have two minutes to record. Then you can play the song and listen to it.

If you press the dice, then a random Jelly will go on a random place on the stage. This will help you explore new sounds you never imagined.

There are about 41 Jellys on the game, 18 on the first stage and 23 on the second.

Just one advice, use your headphones because playing with 12 Jellys at the same time is something you can enjoy only on your headphones or on your hi-fi big speakers.

Enjoy the music Jelly fans!

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