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Check if the vibration works on your phone (vibration test)

Android vibration

Ppanto has some vibration problems and asked how to solve them. Well before solving the problem we need to be sure that there is actually one.

Vibration is a silent mode when the phone doesn’t ring but vibrates to let you know that there is a message or an incoming call.

If you put your phone on silent, the vibration will not work, as silent is silent and you don’t want someone to disturb you.

But let’s check that there is no problem with your vibration mode.

Check the vibration mode

You can download a free app that will enable the vibration. There are many apps, we choose the Vibrate Plus app that is free.

1. Download Vibrate Plus app from Google Play and install it.

2. Open the app

3. Select Simple vibration.

4. Press Start.If the phone vibrates then you have no problem with the vibration.

Now you need to set the vibration right.

Setting the vibration on

1. Go to settings of your phone and select Sound.

2. Find the setting “Vibrate when ringing” and select it.

3. Now when someone calls the phone vibrates.

If you Volume Down your phone, it will volume down, then go to the vibration only and then to the Silent mode.

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