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What changed in Android L compared to Android 4.4

What changed in Android L compared to Android 4.4

Android L is almost here and it has some changes that we really love. We took all these changes and present them in this post. Of course for now it’s an early preview so it will take some time until the final release. Most of the comapnies (like HTC) already promised a fast release of the new Android so it will be on a premium smartphone soon. But I bet it will start from Google devices and maybe Motorola. Let’s see what changes in Android L.

Design: It is called Material Design UI and it’s not just design but philosophy. Material Design puts the most important things front and centre. You have to play with to understand how it works.

Dialer: The dialpad button stays on top of all other stuff. Start scrolling through your favourites and the top UI elements collapse out of view but the dialpad button remains on top even as you scroll.

Notification Center: It’s the biggest change. The old one is dead. Now you can see a tiny picture of the logged-in user on the right corner of the screen when the shade is pulled down and next to it you can find the direct button to the settings and a battery indicator. The older notification are is replaced by a translucent background which makes it easier to see what’s below. Notifications are shown on a white background and can be dismissed with a swipe in either direction. The clear all button is gone. There is also a second pull down that reveals the quick toggles.

Navigation buttons: The direct buttons have been replaced with geometric shapes that are less on the nose. They look like buttons on a gamepad or controller. We like them. Stylish.

Keyboard: There is a new undivided layout keyboard with a neat colour gradient as a background.

Lock screen: The lock screen now shows you notifications directly on the screen instead of in the usual notification area only and the lockscreen intelligently arranges your notifications. Widgets in the lock screen are gone. Only the Dialler and the Camera are there.

Calculator: It’s not a decision making app but it’s useful. There’s a dash of colour in the advanced menu and settings are overall refreshed. The background remains white.

Animations: They are snappier than ever. All apps move out of view when you hit the home button by sliding themselves down and when you touch individual tabs within an app, there’s a very brief ripple animation. It’s realistic and it is beautiful.

Go back: You installed Android L and you don’t like it? You can easily go back to Kitkat or Jelly Bean through the advanced settings.

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