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Comparing 5+3 apps to control your expenses (alone or with your wife)

Comparing 5+3 apps to control your expenses (alone or with your wife)

There are a lot of apps that will let you control the expenses on your Android device. Renata was looking for a simple app to control her expenses and check who pays what every month.

We checked a lot of apps that have plenty of settings that will help you take control of the expenses.


This is our best. Beautiful, simple, what you really need. Download it, open it, edit, delete or add category expenses and start adding your expenses. It’s one of the most simple, good looking and working apps on the market with beautiful graphs. You can create two different accounts, one for you and one for your husband. Every time you add a transaction you can select who paid. You can also add income and transfer between money accounts. The reports are beautiful and simple, you can see the categories of expenses with a single tap. In the transactions history you can see all the transactions. This is my favourite app because it is simple to use and you get what you really need. You can also export the csv and backup and restore.

Expense Manager

This was my number two choice before finding Financius. This is simple too and has many more options. You can also add payment method, take photo of the receipt and add a description. You can also tag the expenses and calculate the taxes. You have plenty of options if you need them. You can also create auto fill forms and add expenses quick and easy. In the Account Summary you can see some simple stats about the expenses. You can also schedule payments and create alerts so as to remind that you have to write down the expenses. This is useful and has a lot of features so download it and test it!

Expense Manager

Another app with the same name and different options. This is also beautiful but lacks of simplicity and it asks money for more options (to get access to statistics). You can record your expenses and add your own categories too and also set a monthly limit that will help you control yourself. I love the graphs and the option to set a daily reminder. You can also backup and restore your data and lock the app to never let anyone access it.

Daily Expense Manager

I also downloaded DEM but it’s oldie and it doesn’t look good. There are a lot of ads and you also need to pay to unlock some features. You can also set reminders for transactions and get notifications but what i liked is that you can add a widget on your home screen. There are lot of categories with beautiful icons and you can add your own too. You can set the description and the payment mode and take a picture of the receipt too.

Expense control

This is also a free app with a pro version. It looks very complicated to me and had to do a lot of tests before starting using it. You can also add incomes, expenses, get the salary summary and create custom categories and subcategories but what in other apps you do it with a single tap, here you want more of them. The reports can show you some interesting graphics but they look old.

We also tested and rejected:

EasyMoney (too complicated, more for bank overview than personal expenses, great to control every transaction like if your family was a business, you can try it for free),

HandWallet (bad design – difficult to add expense without tapping on the ads but it is free)

Expensify (great app but need to get online access and has a lot of features you will not need if you are not traveling a lot – this is a major app)


Try Financius, it is simple and good to use, if you want many more features, try also Expense Manager by Bishinews. If you want a complete app for your expenses (to control your gas too), there is Expensify. But don’t spend your whole life adding expenses with complicated apps, jsut add them quickly on Financius and that’s it.

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