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The best app to spy on your device

The best app to spy on your device

It’s very easy to spy on your device. All you have to do is download the right app and then you can have access to the information you want on any device the app is installed. With Spy Software you can get information about the GPS location of the device, you can read the SMS, search the contacts, check the files, the Facebook friends, the Twitter account and any other communication account.


First you need to buy the app from Spy4Mobile. It costs 120$ and this is the final cost. There are no other charges or hidden costs. You just buy one licence and install it on a device.

After buying the licence you can install the app on your device and then start getting all the info you want from the web panel (on any browser).

The whole process is very easy to install on your device and you need no more than 3 minutes to install the app and enable the service. Of course you need need physical access to the handset you wish to spy on.


The target phone activity is uploaded to the application servers. Then you log in to the web panel and check what is going on on the device.

The online web-panel is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. All information is updated in realtime (usually between 5 to 10 minutes after the event).

The software uses an advance encryption algorithm, using cascade AES – RSA connection between the mobile phone and our server. It is the strongest encryption under tcp-ip protocol, to keep your information safe and secure using electronic communications.

The web panel is very easy to use. You have access to these information:

  • GPS locations,
  • SMS History,
  • Calls History,
  • Contacts,
  • Device Information,
  • Installed Applications,
  • Files,
  • Live Audio Recording,
  • Battery Level Reports,
  • Mobile application settings,
  • Call recordings,
  • Browser History,
  • Facebook Friends,
  • Gmail,
  • Skype,
  • Whatsapp,
  • Hotmail/Outlook,
  • Twitter,
  • Line Messenger App,
  • Viber,
  • Facebook Messenger.

The software is compatible with Android 2.3 and above devices.


➡ Easy to install. just some steps and you’re done in 3-4 minutes

➡ You pay once and then you can fully use the software

➡ Full control of the device you spy on with the web panel

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