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The most fun Android app to learn 6000 english words

The most fun Android app to learn 6000 english words

It’s time to stop using “this” and “that” instead of using real English words. It’s easier to understand English if you know the right vocabulary. Now you can learn 6.000 English words with the most fun and easy way. Learn English 6000 Words is a free app by FunEasyLearn that you can download in your Android device.


Start by downloading the free app from Google Play. Search for Learn English 6000 Words, download, install and open the app. At first you need to select your native language. There are 11 languages to choose from or choose “other” if your language is not among them (for example Greek). Then press ok and start learning and playing.


There are 15 thematic topics and 140 subtopics that contain 6000 english words. So start by choosing the thematics topic first (Food, Work, Sport, People, Home, Health, Services etc). Then you can choose a subtopic from that specific topic. If you choose Work as a thematic topic, you can choose Computer, Office or Media and many more on the subtopic. There are a lot of choices so start learning. After choosing the topic and the subtopic, you can select the game you like and start playing.


There are 7 different games that will help you learn the vocabulary. Then choose Play.

  • Vocabulary: You can see an illustration and listen to how the word is pronounced
  • Write word: You can see some of the letters of a word, you must fill the rest
  • Find Image: You can see 4 different illustrations and you must select the right one based on the given keyword
  • Choose word: You can see an illustration and you must select the word it describes
  • Listen and Choose: You listen to a word and you must select the illustration it describes
  • Match Words: You must match two identical words
  • Listen and Write: You listen to a word and you must write it down


➡ You can enjoy the app everywhere, even if there is no internet connection

➡ It is really fun, it’s not boring, you learn and have fun

➡ There is a built in “Spin Categories” feature that allows the app to choose a random topic, subtopic and game. This is more fun as you get a better learning experience.

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