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The best app for football fans and World Cup 2014

The best app for football fans and World Cup 2014

The World Cup is already running and you need an app to stay updated about the matches, the news and the schedule.

There are a lot of apps around football and World Cup but only one launched by people specialized in sports.

The World cup Brazil 2014 app by Banana Apps Sports has all the details you were looking for.


Start by downloading the free app from Google Play. Search for World Cup 2014 and press install. That’s easy. Then you open the app and go to the settings. Set your favourite teams to get the latest updates about them or select all the teams to get all the updates.


World Cup 2014 is a really beautiful app with lots of news and a beautiful calendar to inform you about the next matches.

In the first screen of the app, the Match Centre, you can see the past matches, the matches played yesterday, today and tomorrow and also the upcoming matches. On the bottom you can see all the info about the groups.

In the Schedule tab you can see the next matches. The design is beautiful and easy to use.

In the Groups tab you can see more details about the groups, the info is updated by scrolling down.

In the Top Scores tab there is the list with the top scores. Right now it is T. Muller. You can see the goals and when you tap on the name, you get the Twitter account of the player, info about his career and even the photo of his wife or girlfriend.

In the Notifications tab, you can select to get notifications from certain countries. Check the countries you want, and every time there is a match you will get notified.

In the Calendars tab you have the option to add the schedule of the next matches to your own calendar. By selecting the matches and stage matches, you add these events in your smartphone’s calendar to get even easier access.

Finally, the last tab is dedicated to Wives and girlfriends of the players. This is a fun Footballer’s Wives game. Challenge your friends to beat your score.

World Cup Brazil 2014 is the best app to watch the games by an app studio that is specialized in sports apps. Stay tuned to their newest releases that will help you follow the biggest sports events.


➡ The app is beautiful and easy to use

➡ The sophisticated Match centre with all info of every single match, line-ups, times, top scores

➡ The funny wives and girlfriends quiz

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