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This is why you should buy Android phones

This is why you should buy Android phones

Are you looking to buy an Android smartphone? Or you want an iPhone or a Windows Phone? We give you 8 reasons to buy an Android smartphone. There are much better. This is why.

1. A lot of choices on smartphones

When you are looking for a smartphone you should always consider how much money you have on your pocket.

Android smartphones are really a lot and you can choose from a great variety of phones in all price ranges.

There are smartphones for begginers, low budget smartphones, mid range smartphones and really premium smartphones, you can decide what to buy.

All these phones have different specs so you can find bigger or smaller screens, better cameras, phone with radio etc.

There are more than 100 Android phones on your market so take a look of the choices you have

2. You can customise your first screen

One thing Android smartphones can do and other phones with Windows Phone or iPhone can’t is to let you customise your first screen.

The first screen on Android smartphones can have a lot of widgets so as to make your life easier, faster and better.

We love widgets as the Astrid app that lets you have your to-do lists on your first screen or weather widgets, youtube videos or even Facebook updates. All of them on your first screen. Active.

The customization of the first screen is really unique and no other phones offer that variety on widgets.

3. Extra power cameras

As there are a lot of Android smartphones, there are a lot of options in cameras too.

You can get the best cameras of the market on Android smartphones. For example the 13MP camera of Sony Z or the brand new 4MP Ultrapixel camera of HTC One are among your choices.

Of course most middle range phones have 5MP cameras and most premium smartphones have an 8MP camera.

These cameras have different options too, they can take photos and videos at the same time, take panorama, locate the smiling faces, etc.

You don’t need another gadget called camera, you only need an Android smartphone.

4. A lot of memory & battery replacement

Most of Windows Phones and iPhone don’t offer the ability to use a microSD card. As a result you only have the space offered by the phone. This could be tricky when you want to use your phone as a camera, or watch movies etc.

So most Android phones have the ability to add a microSD card. So you have plenty of space. There are exceptions between Android phones but thankfully they are few.

Another major problem on iPhone and Windows Phones is the battery that cannot be replaced. Some premium Android phones have the same problem but not all of them. Samsung premium phones have batteries that can be removed.

This is very important as smartphones are heavy used by users and their batteries are quickly damaged. So having the ability to change the battery is something very important for us.

5. Plenty of apps

Google Play is really huge, you can find a lot of apps and games and most of them are free or with low prices.

Most of Android apps are free comparing to paying editions on iPhone or Windows Phone. Windows Market has a lot of missing apps, you have no Dropbox and no Astrid. On iPhone there are plenty of apps but most of the times you have to pay for them when on Android they are free.

Android is like Windows Mobile (tha ancient Windows Phone), you can add by yourself any apps you want. If you have the apk of the app, you can simply install it by clicking on the Unknown Sources inside Security menu of the phone.

6. Fast and easy to use

Android phones are fast to use as they have a lot of customizations and shortcuts. You can add shortcuts on your first screen and open and close Wi-Fi with a single button or turn on GPS. On iPhone and Windows Phone you need more taps on the screen to find the same option.

Moreover premium smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 or Sony Xperia Z have a lot of options on the notification bar. Unlike the iPhone’s notification bar that has only notifications, Android’s notification bar gives you access to basic controls as the Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth etc. So in just one tap on the screen you can control your phone.

Some phones have also gesture controls that let you control your phone easily without going to any menu. This is something special that we find only on Android phones.

7. 4G speeds

LTE is a new technology that gives you extreme speeds on the net. Until now, only Android phones and iPhone 5 smartphone have access to LTE technology.

So only these phones have access to 4G networks and get the fastest access to the net.

There are no Windows Phones with that technology but iPhone is LTE active. But iPhone 5 is only one device and there are more than 9 extra powerful Android phones with LTE support.

8. Quad core processor power

Processors on smartphones are getting more and more powerful. We have seen quad core processors on all new Android smartphones but not on iPhone 5 or on Windows Phones that still have dual core processors.

There is a lot of chit chat on the specs of the next iPhone, whether it will have quad core processor or not.

When the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will be on the market, Android phones will have octa core processors so they are always a step forward.

Windows Phone are also a step backward with dual core processors. So if you want extra power toy your phone, Android is the only choice.

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