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How to understand your phone is infected with malware trojan

How to understand your phone is infected with malware trojan

Android is an open ecosystem and you can install any app you want. This is great but if you are not careful, you may get some malware on your phone.

And yes you have malware, what you should do now:

1. Be sure that the problem is caused by malware and not an overloaded phone with low RAM or an app with bugs (even Facebook app can make your smartphone go crazy).

2. You can wipe out everything by choosing to go back to factory settings.

3. You can buy a security software app.

As we already said, the only think you should be worried of is the links you click at and files you open from unknown senders. This is a general rule for all electronic devices.

Here you can find 5 symptoms of smartphones with malware.

Phone bill is racked-up

If your phone bill is beyond expectations and you didn’t make any extra phone calls or travelled abroad to have roaming charges, maybe there is a malware on your phone that took the control of your SMS or (worst) your calls. Some malwares like SpamSoldier are spread to phones using the contact numbers to send SMS with the virus attached. Some trojans are clever enough to only send one SMS per month so as not to be caught. So keep close of your bill and don’t let mysterious fees escape.

Data Plan is up

Malware wants to charge you by making phone calls, sending SMS or rising the data bill. Most malware want to take control of your data, as they try to send the info collected by your phone back to the owner of the malware. But you can control your data consumption easily. Go to Settings – Data Usage and take a look on the data consumed. If you press the three dots (up right) you can select Show Wi-Fi usage and totally control what is going on.

Battery is over again

We already posted some useful tips for your battery. If you followed the tips and your battery is going to 0 very fast, maybe there is a malware that runs the processor all the time. Battery going down quickly is the easiest way to understand a malware, especially if you use a lot your phone and you know how quickly the battery dies. If for a week the battery dies quicker than usual, then something wrong is going on.

Performance problems

Malware is an add on program that tries to do different stuff on your phone. So it runs on the background making the other programs go really slow. So like battery draining, this tip is very useful and the malware can be noticed right away. Be sure there are not other programs running behind the scene. You can go to Settings – Apps – Swipe to Running section and see what is running on your phone. If you see something unfamiliar, just blame the malware.

Dropped Calls and Disruptions

Most malware are not designed to play nice with all phones so having a malware on your phone may cause you a lot of troubles on daily basis. Dropped or disrupted calls, problems with the menu, restarts are signs that a malware is installed in your phone.

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