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Android 4.3 changes

What changed in Android 4.3 compared to Android 4.2

Google launched Android 4.3 that will be first installed in the new Nexus 7. All the big companies will include this update to their phones. Sony alre... »

customize home screen Android

Customize your Android homescreen panels

Karen asked Android VIP Club how to customize the homescreen of her new phone. “I just got my phone yesterday. So I need to know how to customiz... »

Google Nexus 7 photo

New Google Nexus 7 compared to previous Google Nexus 7 version

Google announced the new Google Nexus which is a fast, tiny, low price tablet with the latest Android version, the brand new Android 4.3. It has a gre... »

Install Android apps to your device from Google Play (all problems solved)

Install Android apps to your device from Google Play (all problems solved)

Blazar asked Android VIP Club how to download apps on his new device. “i have just bought Sony Xperia Tablet S and i don’t know hot to install apps on... »

Battery Charge App

Control your battery charge with alarms and time schedule apps

Angela S. asked Android VIP Club how to have more control on the charging process. “how do you know when you’re phone is being charge what out l... »

ZTE Grand Memo

ZTE Grand Memo: 6 reasons to buy and 2 not to the extra big ZTE smartphone

Verdict at first ZTE Grand Memo is one of the biggest smartphones out there with a beautiful 5.7 inches screen and the biggest battery of the market. ... »

Cut The Rope Game

Cut the Rope game tips to have even more fun

Cut the Rope (Google Play) is one of the most addictive Android games along with Angry Birds or Candy Crash Saga. In the first 6 levels things are eas... »

ZTE Grand Memo photo

ZTE Grand Memo specs rating: 70.0

Read more about this phone at our ZTE Grand Memo review ZTE Grand Memo ranking compared to other Android phones. »

Twitter Client Apps

Best 5+1 Twitter client apps 2013 for Android

Tired of Twitter app for Android? There are some clients that will do the job better than Twitter itself. Twitter official app for Android (official l... »

ZTE Blade 3 or ZTE Blade G

ZTE Blade 3 or ZTE Blade G: Which one to buy?

ZTE is famous for the affordable Android phones and ZTE Blade G is one more phone with good specs and really low price. Now the war on cheap phones is... »

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