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19 tips to get high score in Fruit Ninja game

19 tips to get high score in Fruit Ninja game

Fruit Ninja is one of the best mobile phone games ever created. All you need to do is slice some fruits coming up from the bottom.

There are different games to play: Classic, Zen and Arcade mode.

Fruit Ninja is the one of the best slasher games on Android and here we have 19 tips to let you get a high score.

Read & slice with these tips

1. Don’t slice every fruit individually, try to slice them together. This is called Combos and to get them you need to slice at least 2 fruits with the same move. The more fruits you combo the more extra points you get.

2. Blitzes are coming after some combos. There are different blitzes like Combo Blitz that you earn after 3 combos in row. Great Blitz is coming after 6 combos in a row or awesome Blitz after 9 combos in a row and so goes on.

3. The special Bananas give you more points as you slice them. There are different special bananas like frenzies that will bring you nonstop fruit without bombs for a short period of time, freeze that will freeze your time and make your fruit go slow motion (try to make combos in that time) and double points that will double your points.

4. Don’t hit the bombs. Never. If you hit 3 bombs you get the Bomb Lover award.

5. There are a lot of bonuses to get. You can get 3 bonuses maximum so try to get the better ones like Impossible 9 Fruit Combo and Combo God that give you 50 points and avoid Juicy Slicing or Fruit Salad that will give you only 5 points.

6. Always remember that is not the quantity that counts but the how you slice the fruits. So be impressive.

7. Aim to slice the fruit once it reaches the top of the journey. This is better because for a couple of milliseconds it will be stationary and easy to hit.

8. For best aiming try to slice diagonally so as to be sure to get it. Try to hit it up to down, it’s easier.

9. Be sure that your phone recognises your finger on the screen. To be sure there is no problem with your phone, keep your finger moving on the screen whenever there is no fruit. Your finger should touch the screen as much as possible.

10. You can also slide in turnarounds or waves, you are free to slice however you want.

11. Use only one finger, no more than one. Some players try to slice with multiple hands letting the smartphone on the table but this will not work here.

12. Don’t be impatient. Wait for a second fruit to come out to slice them both. As we already told you need combos.

13. Play upside down, this will work as the fruits come up from the upper side of the screen and going down. This is a more normal trip and you will notice than when you turn upside down your phone, the move is slower (you think so). So it will help you get some high scores.

14. Fix your focus on a particular point of the line. This will permit you to act faster. Don’t try to flicker your eyes here and there. Just stay on one part of the screen (a line) and slice whatever passes from there.

15. Don’t press the screen too much. A lighter touch of the finger will allow you to move the sword more fluidly and swiftly and get more points.

16. Pay attention to the sounds. Your ears must be open and be synchronised with your fingers. Bombs have a special effect so having the sound on will help you get higher score.

17. Hold your phone with a way that will not block your slicing finger. Your finger must be ready to do whatever trip to the screen.

18. Don’t pause the game if it not necessary. After going live again, you will have lost all your focus and the game is almost ended.

19. Be patient. The placement of the bombs is random so try again, in the next round you may be more lucky.

You can download Fruit Ninja from Google Play (link)

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