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15 tips to hit high score and 3 stars on Candy Crash Saga game

15 tips to hit high score and 3 stars on Candy Crash Saga game

Candy Crash Saga is the best game on it’s category. I like it because it’s fast, beautiful and easy on the beginning.

I played a lot and got really high scores so here are some tips to let you do the same.

Candy Crash Saga is about matching pieces of candies together or some variations of them to make them disappear and get points. Move a candy in order to make a row or a column of at least 3 same-colored candies. If you make a line or row of more than 3 candies, you will get a special candy, which will be explained later. Easy?

The difficulty comes in the limited number of moves for each level, ticking bombs, regenerating chocolate squares etc. As long as you go to higher levels, you explore more and more difficulties.

Here 15 tips to hit high scores and three stars:

1. If you make a match of more than 3 candies, the candies will transform into a special candy, with special powers. There are three primary special candies, but by combining special candies you get even bigger effects.

2. By matching 4 candies of the same color in one row or column, a special candy appears that, when activated, clears the entire row or column it is in. When combined with another 4-match special candy, both the row and the column it is in will be cleared.

3. By matching candies in a long L-shape or in a T-shape, you get an explosive special candy. When it is matched, it will explode once, fall down, and explode another time, clearing loads of candies off the board.

4. Only use the ‘flashing’ suggestion the game gives you if you don’t see any other matches you can make. While the suggestions helps you a little, they are usually not the highest-scoring matches you can make at any point.

5. Study the board and plan your moves before you start playing. Don’t let the chance play. Most of the stages are limited moves based instead of time based.

6. Don’t waste time and moves when playing levels which requires you to cascade the cherries and hazelnuts. Study the exit points at the bottom of the board and how you can end the level.

7. Play your striped candies carefully on levels that require you to clear the jelly from out of reach tiles. Start by dropping them to the horizontal or vertical level in line and then start matching them.

8. Clear liquorice and locked candies as early as possible by using striped combos

9. Run out of lives?Just change the date on whatever device you are playing on. Just move ahead a day in the date/settings

10. Resist the urge to unleash the power candy until you have more than one. Try swapping power candies with each other and this will release different kind of effects. Here some good combinations Pink doughnuts + jelly fishes and Striped candy + wrapped candy

11. Remember that completing the level in minimal moves may not net you higher scores. Try to achieve high score with moves that give you a lot of points. Of course that is not true if you have more than 10 moves available.

12. Be aware of chocolate squares that will regenerate if you do not clear them and then they will grow. In some levels thought, chocolate squares will regenerate no matter what

13. Never wait to clear a bomb once you have the chance.

14. If you are unable to reach the level’s goal, you will lose a life. Your lives will refill up to a maximum of 5. Refilling one life takes 30 minutes.

15. Remember that after level 300 it’s almost impossible to finish the levels so you need to pay a lot to get extra power ups. So leave this game and don’t spend your money. If you pass the level 344 we will send you flowers!

What level are you stuck in?

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